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Cancellations and Non Attendance

Unfortunately, we do experience a significant problem with non attendance and late cancellations. 


As demand for SSCB courses is high and some applications may be unsuccessful, early cancellation is important in order that the place can be offered to another participant.

You are able to cancel your own place 14 days before the course by logging into SSCB events page here – http://www.surreyscb.org.uk/sscb-mutli-agency-training-programme/course-bookings-evaluations-certificates/

If you wish to cancel your place less than two weeks before the date of the course you must email us at sscb.training@surreycc.gov.uk. You will not be able to cancel your own place with less than two weeks to go.

If we are given less than two weeks notice of cancellation, the full charge of the training will be made. This applies to both partners and non partners.

Please note, the SSCB will not issue a refund if you cancel your place with less than two weeks’ notice.


Non Attendance

If you do not attend a course that you have booked on to, we will email you and your manager/finance team (you would have given us these details when you created an account to book onto our events).

 If you paid for the course, this will not be refunded.

If you did not pay for the course, as you work for a partner agency, you will be charged the full amount for the course minus the non refundable booking fee. For example, a full day course is charged at £90 and the non refundable booking fee is £12. Therefore you will be charged £78.

Unforeseen events/exceptional circumstances

We understand that unforeseen events/exceptional circumstances can lead to cancellation or non-attendance, in which case, the SSCB may consider a refund request or to waiver the non attendance fee. You must request a refund at your earliest opportunity by emailing sscb.training@surreycc.gov.uk. The SSCB Training and Commissioning Officer will use their discretion in deciding whether a refund will be issued.

If you have paid a fee, and the SSCB Training and Commissioning Officer agrees to a refund, you will be refunded what you paid minus the £12 non-refundable booking fee. For example, if you paid £90, you will be refunded £78.

SSCB Training Cancellation

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as trainer illness or adverse weather conditions, on rare occasions, the SSCB may be required to cancel training with limited notice. If this occurs we will refund delegates’ training charge but not reimburse other costs incurred by organisations such as those incurred in releasing staff to attend courses or travel expenses.


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