Neglect: Graded Care Profile 2 training

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Monday 18 January 2021 (13.45 - 16.00)
Tuesday 19 January 2021 (13.45 - 16.00)

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Graded Care Profile 2 Training for Practitioners

Are you a practitioner working with children and families and visit them at home undertakg assessments and support? If so and you would like to be licenced to use the NSPCC GCP2 neglect assessment tool please attend one of the following day’s training. The tool can be used in Early Help, Targeted Support and as part of Level 4 interventions.

Surrey is investing (initially in a pilot in the south east) in the tool to improve outcomes for children by intervening to identify and reduce neglect. You will learn how to use the tool to work directly with families to identify worries and improve outcomes for children and young people. The tool requires a number of visits to families and therefore practitioners who work with families for more than a one off visit are eligible to attend the training. We are looking for practitioners across the partnership (health, education, children’s services, early years, family support workers, family centre outreach workers, voluntary sector etc.) who would use the tool fairly regularly with families.

Graded Care Profile 2 is a tool to evaluate family strengths and weaknesses, to help in the identification of neglect. The assessment tool measures the quality of care being given to a child, helping practitioners to identify neglect and concerns that are putting that child at risk of harm.
It is designed to provide an objective measure of the care of children, based on the qualitative measure of the commitment shown by parents or carers in meeting their children’s developmental needs. It was designed and developed by Dr O Prakash Srivastava (Community Paediatrician) and seeks to measure compliance and commitment to meeting those needs.
First published in 1997, the NSPCC undertook a national evaluation which led to some enhancements. These modifications have resulted in the Graded Care Profile 2.
The tool measures the quality of care given to an individual child over a short window of time (i.e. it represents the current level of care). The care given is graded between 1 (most positive) and 5 (most negative) in all areas of a child’s needs. The grades are based on the extent to which the needs of the child are currently being met and the commitment of the parent/carer to the child in relation to particular areas of care. The areas of care include:
1.    Physical, such as quality of food, clothes and health
2.    Safety, such as how safe the home is and if the child knows about things like road safety
3.    Emotional, such as the relationship between the carer and child
4.    Developmental, such as if a child is encouraged to learn and if they a praised for doing something good.


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